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Make Your Own Diamond Jubilee Souvenir

Wrappers.typepad.compostcard6Make your own silk postcards to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee 1952 - 2012.

ForgetmenoitSilk postcards were popular during WW1 as souvenirs bought by soldiers serving on the Western Front. Sadly many of the soldiers who sent postcards home did not return.

Silk is more difficult to embroider than heavier weight fabrics and requires a fixative that non woven fabric doesn't but given its history I wanted to use it for my Diamond Jubilee postcards.

Guidelines for using Royal Devices requires the use of quality materials of a permanent kind for souvenirs. Certain Royal Devices can be used but not images of the Queen herself.

You will need an embroidery machine with a good font selection or download my PES file (© Wrappers non commercial use only Download Cypher (2) plus: Silk, postcard/card, embroidery iron on backing, fabric iron on adhesive, chalk, metal ruler, stanley knife.


Draw around a postcard on the reverse side of your fabric with chalk. Cut a piece of silk a little larger than the size of the postcard. Fold silk in half twice to find the centre of your fabric and mark centre with chalk on the right side of your silk.


Iron silk onto embroidery backing keeping the fabric tight to prevent it wrinkling. I find two sheets of iron on backing gives better results.


Using the centre mark on your silk, centre fabric in embroidery hoop


Select your embroidery pattern


Sew embroidery pattern


Iron on fabric adhesive backing to seal the silk and prevent edges fraying.


Using your chalk outline, position postcard/card on the reverse adhesive side and iron onto silk. Cut fabric edges with a metal ruler and stanley knife to finish your postcard.

Guidelines on how Royal marks can be used on souvenirs for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee