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Make your own artist's canvas MacBook sleeve


Make your own MacBook sleeve (pictured above) using fabrics available from all good fabric shops. You will need:


A piece of artist's canvas measuring 76cms x 28cms (30inches x 11inches). Cut your piece so the grain of the fabric runs straight. It may help to make a template from newspaper, pin this to your fabric and cut around it.


A piece of quilted lining measuring 78cms x 28cms (31inches x 11inches). The polyester filling should be around 2oz in weight - you don't want it too bulky.


If you prefer, go for quilted lining with a waterproof finish.


Start with your piece of canvas. (If you are making this sleeve for yourself you have the choice of decorating the canvas before or after making it up). Sew all around the canvas with a wide zig-zag stitch to secure the edges.


Fold your canvas in half, right sides together, carefully lining up the edges. Pin along both long sides.


Using a small, straight stitch, sew a 1 cm (3/8inch) seam down both of the long sides.


As you are sewing the second seam, check that the width between your seams stays at 26cms (10 1/4 inches).


Cut off the corners making sure to miss your seams.


Press open the seams with an iron or your fingers. Turn the canvas right side out. Put your hands inside the sleeve and stretch all the sides, use an implement or your finger to push the corners out.


Cut your quilted lining in half (so you have two pieces sized 39cms x 28cms), put the two pieces right sides together and pin along the long sides. Sew a 1cm (3/8inch) seam along the two long sides (as you did with your canvas) so you have a tube.


Slide your canvas sleeve inside the tube of lining and align so the top of the two fabrics meet.


Pin the tops of the fabrics together making sure to align the seams on the canvas and quilted lining.


With canvas side up sew a 1cm (3/8inch) seam with a small, straight stitch right the way around the top of your sleeve.


Pull the lining up over the canvas so you have a very long tube.   


For a neat finish, sew a narrow seam around the open end of the lining.


Push the lining into your sleeve, use your fingers to push the lining into the corners of the sleeve and overlap it at the bottom of the sleeve.


If you are decorating your sleeve after it's been made up, push a piece of stiff card down into the sleeve to stretch the canvas and create a flat, hard surface to work on.


Depending on how you decorate your sleeve, and how permanent you want your image to be, you may want to prime canvas first.

For ready made sleeves see MacBook Pro 13 inch / MacBook Air 11 & 13 inch